Why Tourists Love Traveling via Helicopter to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

Tourists heading to the United States of America are spoiled for choice.

From the sights and sounds of Los Angeles to the hustle and bustle of New York City, the intoxicating aroma of Miami and New Orleans to the monuments of Washington D.C. and the cultural exhibits in Chicago and Dallas, there is plenty to do for those that want to see what this country has to offer.

One of the best activities that travelers can embark upon is having to experience a ride on a helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas, a route that encompasses a great deal of natural and manmade splendour between two boutique locations.

This is a journey that continues to amaze even American citizens, yet it is something else altogether for those arriving from overseas.

Here we will buckle in and see why so many couples, families and friends decide to signup to these trips.

helicopter ride


Best Way To Travel

Traveling via helicopter to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas beats all of the other alternatives. Whether that includes a hire care, motorbike or private jet, this is an experience that allows customers to take in all of the sights and sounds with a complete view of the landscape. This will start off with a take in of the MGM Grand and Bellagio Hotel and Casino across the famous strip in the foreground before heading out to the incredible natural terrain that can be viewed from up high. This will venture from highway 93 south and highway 64 along Interstate 40 east with stunning views of the Hoover Dam. Sitting inside a car, riding on a motorbike or even enjoying a luxurious private jet cannot compare when considering the aesthetic appeal of this mode of transportation.


Picture Perfect Moments

Clients who opt for these packages have the evidence to prove that traveling via helicopter to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas offers the best picture perfect moments. In 2019 there is nothing better than taking in an experience of a lifetime and shooting images on the smartphone that can act as a perfect wallpaper or hung up as a portrait at home.


Variety of Package Choice

From Native American brands that have an intrinsic understanding of the history of the landscape to Vegas developers who know that terrain, there is a variety of package choice for the consumer. Traveling via helicopter to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is a trip that is so popular, there have been numerous operators who have found this activity lucrative. It is worthwhile scouring the market and seeing what is suitable for the group.


Suitable for Couples, Families and Friends

The saying often goes “it is not where you’re going, it’s who you’re going with.” That is true when it comes to traveling via helicopter to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. From wedding proposals to end of school trips and for retirees, there is no demographic that would not enjoy this amazing experience overlooking the iconic Canyon and the Hoover Dam among the Nevada Desert.


Great Way To Fill a Day on the Calendar

Tourists both domestic and international can find themselves at a crossroads when activities are delayed or there are issues with their itinerary. For friends or family members who have enjoyed themselves at Nevada State but want to kill some more time for another day on the calendar, this is where traveling via helicopter to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas comes into its own. The 250-mile journey will take approximately 4-4.5 hours depending on weather conditions and other factors, and this is a great way to bookend a journey to one of the most iconic landmarks on planet earth.



It is well worth the time traveling via helicopter to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas for tourists that have the time and the money to make it happen. Considered one of the ideal bucket list items to check off, this signature package enables people of all ages, sexes, colours and persuasions to soak in this stunning journey.


Post Author: Lily Allen