What to Consider When Looking for Mechanical Engineering Internships

So you’ve done the theory and now you’re looking to get some practical experience. Being a highly technical field, mechanical engineering internships are vital in order to get your career started.

It is also often necessary to complete a work placement before you can graduate and earn your qualification. Considering the saturation and competition within the job market at the moment, it can be easy to forget about keeping your values and desires in mind.

People often become focused on getting any opportunity that they will settle on the first one they get. While this may get you that line you need on your CV, when choosing from mechanical engineering internships, keep in mind that it is meant to provide you with a holistic experience!

Don’t simply accept any opportunity at any firm. Consider these factors before jumping into the deep end!



Roles and responsibilities

When considering mechanical engineering internships, it is important to enquire about the roles and responsibilities you will be subject to throughout your program. Remember – you’re there to learn! You want an experience that is going to challenge you and help you apply the skills you’ve learnt in theory.

In your interview, ask about your expected day-to-day tasks, what you will be learning on the job, and what you are expected to achieve by completion.

While you want to challenge yourself, don’t overcommit! If you know that you are not qualified enough to match your employer’s expectations, it is a good idea to discuss your concerns and negotiate.


Potential for growth

Your Day 1 should look different to your last day. When considering mechanical engineering internships, make sure that there is opportunity to grow in your chosen one.

You should feel as if you’ve made progress over the course of your experience. You should be gaining more knowledge and becoming more skilled as you continue!

Ask yourself if you see yourself growing in the position, and if the answer is yes, it’s probably an option to consider!


Employer attitude

This is an essential attribute to consider when looking for mechanical engineering internships. Through your communications with the company, think about the impression you form of them, and how you interpret their opinion of you.

Hopefully, your employer views you as someone with a lot of potential, who they respect enough to let work as part of a team, while understanding that there are areas you will need to be trained in.

If you sense that your employer doesn’t see you as competent or doesn’t seem to have much faith in your role in the company, it is probably a bad sign – and an indication that they won’t assign any useful tasks to you.



How relevant are the mechanical engineering internships you are considering? Do they align with your career goals? Does the company seem like a good match for you?

These are questions you should be asking before accepting your offer. Any placement you do will be valuable, but if you choose one that is directly aligned with the line of work you want to enter, it will be more beneficial.



When considering mechanical engineering internships, you should enquire about the structure of each program. While it isn’t necessary for every single thing to be planned out, having a structure and plan in place can be a huge reassurance.

Having set dates for the start and end of the program and activities such as an orientation shows that they have invested effort into you.

Remember that you’re here to contribute and work, but you’re also here to learn and gain an experience – it’s a two-way street!

Post Author: Lily Allen