What To Ask Your Sydney Synthetic Grass Installers

What are some of the applications for Sydney synthetic grass?

This is a great question to ask if you’re on the fence and not sure about whether your particular project is right for artificial turf, or if you should consider alternative options like paving or rubber. The great thing about Amax Synthetic Grass as one of your options is how versatile it is. It can be cut and shaped to fit just about every area and is perfect for almost every condition, whether it be out in direct sunlight, in a wet environment or over a large area.

Most of the higher end products have UV protection and great filtration systems, so you don’t have to worry about it fading in the sun or getting water logged. You’re installers will be able to show you past examples of ways that they have used or installed artificial turf in the past so that you can get an idea of how the end product looks. Amax Synthetic Grass has a million different great applications, it’s a popular options for residential front and backyards, great on large sporting fields, an awesome option for public gardens and is becoming popular at educational facilities with large areas to cover.

There really isn’t any project that is too unusual so speak to your installers as they’ll be able to offer helpful tips.


What are the benefits?

Sydney synthetic grass has many benefits. It’s low maintenance, easy to care for and looks great! It’s very affordable to purchase and install upfront and the ongoing maintenance costs are much lower than the real thing. No water or regular fertilizer required! From a landscaping perspective this is a great option as it can cover large areas and stays green all year round.

Manufacturers have improved a lot in recent years, so it’s no longer the unconvincing astro-turf you remember from you’re childhood. Nowadays artificial turf is just as convincing as the real thing – except it’s green year round! You don’t have to worry about you lawn dying off in the summer or struggling through a cold and icy winter. This is perfect in Australia’s biggest city whether the weather can be particularly harsh on your garden and water restrictions can make it difficult to keep things look lush.


Do they have any product recommendations?

Your Sydney synthetic grass installer will know just about everything there is to know about all the best products out there. You should definitely get them out to see the space you are planning to have artificial turf installed into as they will likely be able to give you great recommendations based on your needs. When in doubt you should always ask an expert!


What kind of experience do they have?

Before you commit to having them complete the work for you, you should definitely ask them about their experience and what kind of guarantee’s they offer in regards to their workmanship. It’s important that you find the right people to carry out the work for you, as the costs of getting it wrong can be a nightmare!


How to care for your new artificial lawn?

Your Amax Synthetic Grass installers will be able to offer you great advice on how to properly care for the product in the New South Wales climate. In most cases there isn’t really much more required then a regular hose down and raking! They should also be able to give you advice on how to manage things like spills or cleaning up things like oil or wine. It’s a very low maintenance product so you’ll find yourself saving a lot of time!


Post Author: Lily Allen