What E-Cigarette User are You?

Vaping is an art. It manifests in the way how you want it to be, and only gets better with time. That is to say, the more years you put into vaping, the more gratification you derive.



Every user of electronic cigarettes starts from a point, where one could easily get it wrong. It is okay to be clumsy about vaping or to fidget with it initially. Sometimes, it is even fine not to know things as a beginner. But that may not be the case with others who are much savvy about it. And then there is a particular class of e-cigarette users setting the standards for vaping. This guide is to help you find out where you stand and how that influences your vaping experience.


#1 Beginner: If you have just ordered your first electronic cigarette in Australia or wherever you live, you can call yourself a beginner. But the real onset of the beginner stage is right when you take the first drag. Whether that was at a friend’s party or a locker room humour that made you do it, your vaping journey takes off from that point. At this stage, you explore the joy of vaping, learn to handle the e-cig and end up purchasing one for yourself. It is often suggested that beginners must choose complete e-cigarette kits for their convenience. So, if you are a beginner or planning to be one, make sure you have acquired basic knowledge about vaping before having your own kit.


#2 Expert: When you know everything about electronic cigarettes of Australian brands and the popular ones overseas, think you have risen to the expert level. By everything, it is meant that you are aware of its components and accessories including battery life, battery design, charging options, e-liquid, flavours and atomiser. That is to say, from this point onwards, you can make better purchases according to your goals and vaping preferences. More than that, once you become an expert, you feel the need to upgrade from your mini model to mid-size model. At this stage, you will also find yourself in a better position to compare different brands and make an informed choice.


#3 Experienced: This is the most advanced stage for any user of electronic cigarette in Australia and other places across the world. It is when you think about enhancing your vaping experience and taking the pleasure that you derive out of it to a whole new level. At this stage, users are more likely to develop favouritism towards certain brands and flavours. It is when a user starts to experiment with the nicotine level and combination of flavours. At this point, you are one of those heavy users of electronic cigarettes who know what strength of nicotine, the flavour of e-liquid and length of puffs work for them. They may even upgrade their e-cigs to advanced personal vaporisers, i.e., MODs.

If you have qualities matching any of the mentioned points, you can position yourself at this stage of using electronic cigarettes.


Using this information, you can find out where you stand and where you want to get to. If you know someone who is hooked on electronic cigarette in Australia or elsewhere, feel free to share this article with him/her.


Post Author: Lily Allen