What Constitutes Unacceptable Conduct From Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne

From the immoral and dubious to the downright illegal, criminal lawyers in Papa Hughes Lawyers have to be held to the highest possible standard.

This is not only a means of protecting the individual client, but the institution of the criminal justice system itself.

Should these lawyers fail to adhere to common standards and violate their oath, they place all other parties in jeopardy.

Justice is only upheld when every participant acts in good faith and that should begin with a good solicitor from Papa Hughes Lawyers.

Let us outline in detail what examples can be shown for unacceptable conduct in this industry.

Lack of Punctuality

Court hearings and dates are not scheduled on a whim. They are carefully considered based on the nature of an investigation, on the bail terms of a defendant, the backlog of other cases before a court and a myriad of other factors. If criminal lawyers in Melbourne fail to adhere to these hearings and dates, they are showcasing a complete lack of punctuality that does their counsel damage. Judges won’t look kindly on that type of behaviour, irrespective of the strength of their case.

Regular Cases of Oversight

Should criminal lawyers in Melbourne fail to take onboard key facts of a case, fail to file the right type of documentation, deliver legal responses promptly, struggle to gather evidence or simply doing a bad job – that is a sign that the practitioner is engaging in regular oversight. This can be attributed to many factors, from pressure and stress to financial motivation, a lack of resources or just a void of diligence on their behalf. Whatever the case, it is no consolation for the client why this is the scenario, just that they have to identify it and confront it as soon as possible.

Trying To Cut Deals Without Client’s Blessing

There have been rare cases whereby criminal lawyers in Melbourne will seek to coerce with a prosecution team without the knowledge of the client. If they are adamant of their innocence and are not willing to entertain a plea bargain, then it is not worthwhile engaging in those types of discussions beyond an initial talk.

Over Billing

One of the most cynical and craven instances where criminal lawyers in Melbourne engage in unacceptable conduct is when they seek to milk a case for all it is worth. With legal practices and institutions who have a brand and reputation to uphold, these circumstances are rare because that information will soon leak out to the rest of the Melbourne community. However, some solo practitioners will attempt to leverage an elongated case to their own financial benefit, delaying proceedings and billing for mundane activities in the hope they can maximize their bottom line. This is where a client needs to be aware of the nature of their agreement and have an independent third party to consult with if they fear this is the case.

Being Privy To Criminal Conduct

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne can become entangled in illegal activity themselves. From bank fraud and assault to blackmail and money laundering, there is often a need for a guilty client to try and transition their legal representative into the role of a personal ‘fixer,’ manipulating, bending and breaking the rules behind the scenes. This degree of mob mentality will not stand in a Victorian court of law or any court for that matter in a healthy democracy. Such behaviour is not just unacceptable but illegal and warrants immediate disbarment.


Criminal lawyers in Melbourne face stiff sanctions, penalties, suspensions, disbarment and even imprisonment depending on the severity of their conduct. Defendants are continually lectured about what they can and cannot do, but those standards have to be relayed to defence counsel and prosecution in equal measure. From hiding or destroying evidence to making false claims and accusations – the justice system is only as healthy as though participants allow it to be.

Post Author: Lily Allen