The Pros And Cons Of Reclaimed Teak For Outdoor Furniture

Reclaimed teak is an extremely popular option for outdoor furniture, due to the many characteristics it has which act as advantages. It is known to be a very durable material, which is perfect for any form of outdoor furniture due to the environment that it is in. Outdoor furniture will typically be exposed to the elements, whether that be rain, hail, sleet or shine. The material it is made of therefore needs to be durable in order to maintain its structural integrity, as well as maintain its design and looks. Many hardwood alternatives will usually need to be repaired and/or replaced after some time being exposed outside, and this can end up being costly. Reclaimed teak may seem like an incredible choice right now; however, it definitely has some flaws which affect it.

If you are currently looking for outdoor furniture, and need to make a choice, then here are the pros and cons of reclaimed teak for outdoor furniture.

It is very durable

Furniture made from reclaimed teak

As previously mentioned, reclaimed teak is a very durable material which will last for a long time. As an outdoor furniture material, it will be exposed to sunlight, rain and wind. Sunlight will not weaken its structure; however it can change its colour to a beautiful olive colour, but this can be prevented by coating the furniture in oil. High levels of moisture brought on by rain or other weather conditions can affect many types of outdoor furniture. It can typically weaken the structure, or even bend and morph its shape. Reclaimed teak will not weaken or change shape with high levels of moisture, as the water will simply roll off of the surface. Wind will also not affect the furniture, as it is strong and can handle physical impacts.

Low maintenance

Reclaimed teak is famously low maintenance. Many hardwood alternatives require considerable, regular maintenance in order to keep its look. This may include having to get it repaired after it is damaged in some way, or even replaced! Reclaimed teak does not require constant repairs due to its durable character and will stand the test of time and the elements as a result. It will also eventually change colour in the sun into a beautiful olive colour, which many people desire. If this is not wanted, then an oil coat can be used to prevent this. Besides this, it simply needs to be cleaned once every so often with soap and water to be maintained. Very easy!


One of the biggest cons of reclaimed teak is the fact that it is often expensive. Because it is one of the superior materials used for outdoor furniture, it is very in demand. Anything that is in demand with a limited supply is going to be expensive, and reclaimed teak is no different. The price of a hardwood alternative will likely be cheaper, however the costs incurred in the long term for repairs and/or replacement can often mean that you will pay more in the long term. The affordability of this type of outdoor furniture should be considered seriously, as a budget is very important to have when looking to buy additions to your property.

In summary, reclaimed teak has many advantages that come with its use. These include durability against the weather and other aspects that outdoor furniture is exposed to and being low maintenance. However, because of its advantages being so perfect for outdoor furniture, reclaimed teak is often quite expensive, and the affordability can be an issue for many people. It is important to take all of these factors into consideration when shopping for outdoor furniture.

Post Author: Lily Allen