Personality Development

What defines our personality? Personality is the way we act, feel, think and our way of communicating with other people. Personality traits are picked up from the time we are born. As we progress from toddler to teen and from teen to an adult, we pick up a lot of personality characteristics.

Our personalities are developed and formed not only by the people that surround us but also the circumstances that surround us. A person that has had a lot of suffering in life will have a different personality than a person who has everything money can buy. Suffering has a way of building character. It brings humility and gives graciously, while some affluent people seem proud and self-absorbed.

The good news is that every person can better themselves. We can work on things that we can change. There are ways that we can develop our personalities. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

“Be slow to speak and quick to listen”, is a good quote from scripture. We can work on learning to listen effectively to other people. Become a better communicator. When you visit a restaurant, you see people at a table looking at their phones and not speaking and enjoying each other. Put the phone away, look people in the eye when you listen or talk to them. Engage actively by nodding in agreement.

Seek to further your education, spice up your general knowledge. Learn and try new things to become more interesting. The more stuff you decide to do, and the more enjoyable things you learn will make you more exciting to other people.


Stop being so cynical and pessimistic about things. Develop a more optimistic outlook on life. You can work on this problem. Just acknowledge that you continuously talk negative things. Practice to look at things differently and talk with optimism even when it contradicts the way you are feeling.

It is not difficult to try and build people up by being encouraging and supportive. Do not tear people down with your words. Boost their self-confidence and give praise where praise is due. Raise people up with positive energy.
Always speak the truth, be honest. Do not lie to other people. Build trust relationships and treat people better than you will treat yourself. Respect is something you earn, work hard at getting it from others. Be someone with integrity.

If you have disrespect for yourself, how will others respect you?
Do not talk poorly about people. Do not make fun of them and don’t gossip about them. Being a gossip breaks a friendship.

Gain self-confidence. Stop trying to be everything to everyone putting up a front and trying to please all around you. Just be yourself. Some people might not like you, but others will. Those that stay in your life are the ones that will support you and be kind to you. Laugh at yourself, feel good about yourself. After all, you are unique.

Post Author: Lily Allen