Luxury Designs for Home Builders in Perth


Looking for some design inspo to create a new humble abode? Or in need of a makeover for the one you already have? New home builders in Perth have helped us put together a hot list of interior and exterior styles for this coastal city.

But first…

A bit about the area

Before you get designing, it’ll help to know a thing or two about your location.

This capital city of Western Australia sits on the country’s south-western corner, between the Indian Ocean and a coastal escarpment known as The Darling Range. The Swan River bounds the CBD and several suburbs. It creates not only a stunning backdrop but has many great spots for picnics, walks, watching sunsets, and getting out on the water. If you’re looking for a laid back lifestyle, this is a great city to live in.

The greater city can be divided into the following main areas:

  • City centre – the heart of the town on the northern bank of the river. Find a hub of restaurants and leisure.
  • Inner city suburbs – close to the cosmopolitan buzz and nightlife of the city, great for young expatriates.
  • Western suburbs – the place to live for the beach-goer
  • Northern suburbs – slow-paced suburbs close to the sprawling Whiteman National Park.
  • Suburbs south of the river – affluent homes in close proximity to the river
  • Fremantle – for old historical buildings and nature reserves
  • Guildford – another town of colonial architecture

The city tends to get hot dry summers and seasonal winter rainfall. Winters are mild and wet, with the city being described as having a Mediterranean climate.


Luxurious designs for home builders in Perth

Now, let’s take a look at 4 of the most stunning luxurious designs being created by home builders in Perth…


  1. Coastal plantation

With inspiration drawn from a lavish beach side hideaway on a beautiful island, the Coastal Plantation style is iconically framed by plantation window shutters. The slats see neat, clean horizontal lines and solid louvers. They can be easily adjusted to allow in a cool summer breeze and give you optimal privacy when it comes to down time.

Rooms are spacious, luxurious, sun-filled (when you want them to be) and feature five-star comforts to make your home reminiscent of a tropical resort. Coastal Plantation has been in high demand in recent years for home builders in Perth.


  1. Industrial

Trendy and stylish, these designs would suit those moving into the inner suburbs and want to invite the metropolitan in. They are bold and drawing inspo from warehouses straight out of New York, meaning strong vertical lines and large wide open spaces are featured in the industrial house. It’s ideal for those who like to entertain.


  1. Urban prairie

‘Urban prairie’ refers to a vacant piece of land in an urban area that’s been more or less forgotten about. Architects and home builders of Perth look at it as a beautiful place waiting to be rediscovered.

Simplicity combines with greens to feature the natural landscape on the property. This would make a nice choice for the city’s northern suburbs, to make your abode feel connected to the lush national reserves in the area.

Light shades of elegance and free flowing earthy structures feature in the Urban Prairie estate. You may also find neat expansive lawns lined by trees being incorporated into these designs for the home builders of Perth.


  1. Contemporary

Are characterised by seamless indoor/outdoor flow. The designs draw on, and fuse, elements from both the now and from 1920’s and 30’s architecture. It can be a creative challenge for the home builders in Perth.

Clean lines and open spaces tend to be found in these creations. Home builders in Perth may incorporate the fads and fashions of the time, with no hard and fast rules on what to expect from this aesthetic. You may have clean finishes or stack stone feature walls. Large windows are always featured meaning these tend to be light-filled, airy abodes.

No matter which one of these designs your propose to your home builders in Perth, you’re sure to have a stunning, creative, and luxurious place to call yours and enjoy for  many years to come.

Post Author: Lily Allen