How to throw an authentic Mexican fiesta

Fiesta is the Spanish word for party, but the term has transcended the language barrier to become synonymous with its own special kind of cultural celebration. Anyone looking to throw an authentic fiesta will need to source some high quality Mexican party supplies in order to make sure they’re prepared.

A fiesta is commonly associated with bright shades of green, red and yellow along with exquisite cultural food and folk music. While no two fiestas will be exactly the same, they all share a few important elements with one another that explain why this kind of celebration is universally adored.

Let’s take a look at the steps for throwing an authentic fiesta and what kind of Mexican party supplies you’ll need to make it a reality.


Before you start rummaging around trying to source the best Mexican party supplies, spend some time thinking about what food you are going to serve your guests. The food is a core element and the fiesta simply won’t be authentic without authentic food to go with it.

When we think of the food served at a fiesta, we normally think of cultural dishes like tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas. While these options are always a hit with the guests, consider looking at some less well-known options to surprise and delight attendees.

A great example of somewhat lesser known cultural food comes in the form of churros. Churros are tube shaped doughnuts that are often dipped in melted chocolate and are always quickly devoured at any event they are served at.

Salsa and guacamole are two cultural dips that are easy to make and taste great.

If it’s an over 18’s event, consider providing alcohol in the form of margaritas or by sourcing an appropriate brand of beer to serve. Tequila shots are also another great idea to get the party started.


When deciding on the décor arrangements for your fiesta, consider choosing Mexican party supplies that incorporate the appropriate colours and motifs. Since the flag of Mexico is green, white and red, consider having these 3 colours featured prominently throughout the fiesta.

This means that a combination of otherwise ordinary decorations can be used to immediately establish the cultural vibe of the event.

A fiesta encourages feelings of warmth and joyous celebration with family and friends, so make sure that this feeling is communicated through your décor. A good fiesta is very visually dense, almost looking messy in its own way; so don’t hesitate to really fill up the space with décor elements.

There are also plenty of cheekier Mexican party supplies you can use for décor such as inflatable chilli peppers, cacti, maracas and sombreros. While these items are a little culturally stereotypical, they lighten the mood and communicate the theme very quickly.

You can also go with other decorative Mexican party supplies such as red bandanna banners or sombrero balloon weights. There really is no limit to the amount of visual spectacle you can include in your fiesta.


No fiesta is complete without some authentic cultural traditions, so you need to make sure you think about entertainment options when browsing for Mexican party supplies. Depending on the age of attendees, you have several different options for fun fiesta games.

Pin the tail on the donkey and piñatas are classic games and should be among the easiest Mexican party supplies to find. Another great option for entertainment includes hiring a mariachi band that will play the soundtrack to your event, including all the iconic cultural jingles.

Throwing an authentic fiesta is easy as long as you have a rudimentary understanding of what’s expected and access to Mexican party supplies. Follow the above tips and you’ll be celebrating a hit fiesta in no time.

Post Author: Lily Allen