Everything You Need to Know About Gas Hot Water Cylinders

Gas hot water heaterThere are few things better than a nice warm shower to wake you up in the morning, or a relaxing bath after a stressful week. But, with life being so expensive, saving money on the utility bill is at the back of a lot of people’s minds. So is it time to upgrade your current system? Here is everything you need to know about changing your current system to a high quality gas hot water cylinder.


What are the different types of system?

There are several different options when it comes to these systems, each have pros and cons. The first type to consider are electric systems; these heat water with an element in the bottom of the unit and store it in a tank ready for use throughout the day. Although these are the least expensive to buy, they are however, the most costly type of system to run. So this will end up costing you more in the long run. Many Australians are now opting for a solar system, which is considerably more expensive to buy and install than an electric system, but has much lower running costs. Another option is a gas hot water cylinder, these are highly efficient heaters and are one of the most economical options. These systems are mainly so popular due to the fact that they provide instant hot water throughout the house.


How do gas hot water cylinders’ work?

A gas hot water cylinder can be installed using either mains or low pressure, so it is appropriate for almost any household. They work by converting gas to energy in order to heat the liquid; this is done through the use of an encased element within an insulated storage tank that then heats and maintains the liquid. The temperature is regulated by the tanks thermostat which will keep the liquid at the desired temperature. The tank is connected to a cold pipe bringing liquid in, and an outgoing warm pipe that releases water from the tank and allows it to come out of taps and appliances.


What can I change my current system to?

If you are unhappy with your current system, or believe it is costing you too much money, you do have the option to change. If you currently have an electric heater you could consider replacing it with a high efficiency gas hot water cylinder. If you currently own a gas powered system, you could also opt to upgrade to a more efficient gas based system.


How much do gas hot water cylinders cost?

As mentioned above, these systems do require a larger initial investment than their electric counterparts. A 160L electric storage tank will usually cost about $750 whereas a similar sized gas system will set you back over $1000. It is important to remember that the latter is much more efficient and economic, meaning you will be saving money in the long run. For a family of 4-5 a gas based system is likely to cost roughly $360 a year; so it’s clear that over the period of time you keep the system, you will be saving hundreds of dollars.


What should I consider before investing?

Aside from the initial cost of the system, there are several things that you should think about. First of all, you will need to hire someone to install your new system, depending on where you purchase it from, this may or may not be an added cost. Furthermore, depending on your property and your current system, the new system may need upgrades in order to work efficiently. Another thing to consider is if the system is right for you, think about how many people live in the house, what size the house is, and how much water you use on a daily basis. Before taking the plunge, make sure you consult an expert to make sure your new system will be appropriate for your needs.

Post Author: Lily Allen