Arborist Reports: What you should know


What is an Arborist report?

An arborist report is a document prepared that shows support for the removal or cutting back of trees. This is required when work is being done on a site which may require the removal of trees. It may also need to be prepared in the case where work is being completed on a heritage site. If you want to remove trees from your personal property you will also have to have an arborist report prepared. The reason for this may vary, from needing extra space in your garden in order to extend your house, or you may feel that one tree may cause a safety hazard in the near future. Without prior consent from your local authorities this may not be carried out. In most cases, no tree cutter can legally remove any trees without an arborist report shown to them.

Does your problem need council approval?

Whether you need this document prepared can relate to several factors. The height, size and species of the tree is taken into account as is whether the tree is dead or alive, and how close the tree is to your house. In this case, if the tree is closer than three metres to your house it is likely that you will not need any prior permission to remove it. These factors can vary from council to council, so it is always recommended you check with the relevant authorities before you make any decisions.

What will be included?

An arborist report is prepared meticulously as it can be a very complex document to compile, with over 15 issues examined to come to a final decision. It may only be completed by a trained consultant who holds a Diploma of Horticulture, and it must be done in an impartial manner. This ensures that the Australian landscape, one which is famous all over the world, is preserved. There are hundreds of rare and unique species of tree in Australia, and the government take their role in protecting these very seriously.

The document will contain general information about the tree such as height and species, as well as how big the trunk is and how old it is. The medical history of the tree will also be outlines such as if it has had any diseases in the past. Conclusions will then be offered at the end of the report offering an assessment of whether the tree should be left as it is or removed. There are some types of trees that don’t require permits to remove, while if a tree is dead or dying in Sydney you can remove it without prior permission. Heavy fines are put in place for those who break any laws relating to tree felling.

How much will it cost?

An arborist report is estimated to cost at the minimum of $75 for one tree. If you need more than one cut down the price may rise over $100. Arborists usually charge an hourly rate, so pricing may vary. If the time comes to remove the tree, you will be looking at a much bigger fee starting at $300. The ease of access and size of the tree play a part in deciding the cost to cut it down.

When requesting an arborist report it is best that you compare quotes from multiple sources. You should be sure about what is included in the original price while also considering the price of submitting the report to your local council. Cutting down a tree can be a long process so to ensure minimal time delays, you should seek the help of a quality, qualified arborist.

Post Author: Lily Allen