A Boogedy Boo! Here Is The Best-Selling Beanie Boo For Sale

A beanie boo for sale is a highly impertinent stuffed toy to accompany any childhood bedroom. Whether you are buying for your girlfriend or your little one, there is a beanie boo for sale that is just perfect for everyone. There is an incredible selection of products to choose from, letting any customer being able to snuggle up with. Take one of these cuddly ones with its plushies soft to the touch. In this article, we will look at our best-selling beanie boo for sale

Here is a list of the best-selling beanie boo for sale: 

Moonlight – Purple Owl 

This beanie boo for sale is a purple owl that has a feathering that is of a lilac shade. This bird has expansive and sparkly button eyes and a silver beak on its precious face. The purple owl includes purple wings and silver feet that are shiny. She is a Gemini being that her birthday is on the 5th of June. This plush toy will definitely give you a hoot. 

Regular Fred – Fox

What does the fox say? This beanie boo for sale is a red fox that is quite the fox! With its fire engine, red fur, and black shadings, you will have a cuddly animal toy perfect to call your own. The red fox symbolizes the idea of the sun, which highlights radiance and passion. This is definitely a fox stuffed toy that will knock your socks off.

Celeste the Unicorn 

Purple unicorn beanie boo

This beanie boo for sale is a unicorn splattered with colour-changing sequins from blue to pink when you run your hands through them. She has massive and sparkly pink eyes with white fur on her face with pink across the nose and mouth. She is pink extreme with shadings varied across the inside ears and feet. She has incredible pink hair to wow any onlooker. Her birthday is 25th March making him an Aries. Whoever said unicorns don’t exist obviously has not laid their eyes upon Celeste.

Tabitha Yellow Cat 

Tabitha, the Tabby cat, is a yellow and brown mixed cat. In this beanie boo for sale, she has a pink bow to add to her cuteness. The cat’s birthday is on the 17th of December, making her a Sagittarius. The cat is known for rebirth due to it being known to have nine lives. 

Regular Stirling Leopard 

Leopards are glorious animals that anyone can “spot” from a mile away. Made of sparkly sequins, this fabric has an incredible change of colours to bring your space to life. This beanie boo for sale’s birthday is the 21st of May, which is a Taurus. Leopards are the representation of strength but also elegance due to its graceful movements. 

 Regular Kate – Dragon 

Here’s a beanie boo for sale that is quite the charm. It is made of flippable sequins, giving you options of colours to choose from. Its birthday is the 24th of July, which is Leo, making it perfect as it lives and breathes fire. The dragon is the symbol for power and success; therefore you will largely benefit by grabbing onto a plushie to cuddle. 

This beanie boo for sale is a great present to give your loved one, child, or anyone who just needs something cuddly to hold onto. At Ryft, there is an abundance of options of plushies to choose from. There are various animals such as the dragon, leopard, tabby cat, unicorn, fox, and owl. All these soft toys are just squishy enough to make you feel consoled and loved. You can rest assured feel precious by beholding one of these plush toys. 

Post Author: Lily Allen