4 Reasons Why You Might Choose To Rent Designer Bags

In today’s consumerist world, there’s a high pressure felt by many to own and be seen wearing high-end clothing and accessories. Brands (e.g. Gucci, Chanel) that are typically marketed towards affluent people are greatly coveted and desired by those who typically can’t afford them.

Nowadays, there’s an emergence of services that enable people to rent a bag for limited use rather than buy them outright. Let’s take a look at some likely reasons why you might want to engage this kind of service.


You can’t afford to purchase one for yourself

This is the most common reasons anyone would rent a bag as otherwise they would simply purchase one that they can keep and use whenever they want. For many people, big name brands are far too expensive for them to justify purchasing and if they do it often requires a big investment that probably isn’t too wise for them to make.

Being able to pay a smaller fee and ‘borrow’ the accessory for use in specific circumstances is very attractive as an offer for many people. It allows them to have a taste of a more affluent lifestyle and enjoy something that would normally be prohibitively expensive.



A one-off event where you want to impress

The most common reasons that people are choosing to rent designer handbags is because they want to complement their attire for a single day or evening but wouldn’t necessarily get much use out of the accessory outside of it. This is great for corporate functions where many people may want fit in with a more affluent crowd or simply want to impress others.

It’s also great for more casual social encounters where you may simply want to get a ‘one up’ on your friends and be the centre of attention. It’s always nice to feel a little special now and then and renting designer bags is an affordable way to do it.


A high-powered business function or interview

Another reason more people are opting to rent a bag rather than purchase them outright is to impress others within a business context. While they are unlikely to get a job or land an important contract simply by having a high-end accessory, it will have a subtle yet powerful effect when combined with other elements of your attire and demeanour.

Choosing to rent a bag means you’ll have quick, affordable access to accessories that will go well with any kind of business attire and will set a positive, professional tone for any dealings you have. If a prospective client meets you at a café and you’re sporting a Gucci or Chanel piece, it will give them a subtle hint that you and your company are doing well and can afford certain luxuries.




You want to ‘try before you buy’

One reason someone might rent a bag rather than buy outright is because they want to trial the item before they make a final purchase decision. Depending on your wealth, purchasing a brand name accessory may be within your means but could still be a significant financial decision that requires consideration.

You may want to test how it will look when worn with your weekend outfit or perhaps your everyday work attire. It’s important to know how your accessories compliment your aesthetic style so that you don’t end up with something that really doesn’t suit you.

Renting designer bags gives you the perfect opportunity to see how you feel using it and how functional it will be in your daily life. Obviously, the item is meant to have a practical utility in terms of carrying your belongings, so you will want to test its durability as well.

Post Author: Lily Allen